All I Want For Christmas is a Skeleton: An Archaeological Wishlist for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, so would I be a proper blogger if I didn’t write up a gift guide? As someone who tries to support small businesses and individual artists when I can, all of the gifts will be from Etsy (which, to be fair, I’ve found has some of the coolest and most unique stuff for gifts!).

If you’ve got an archaeologist in your life, here’s a list of things that might score you some points with them over the holidays:

  • For the classical archaeologist who just got into the denim jacket craze- famous archaeological finds in pin and patch form!SaladDays is an Etsy store that creates amazing enamel pins and patches based on classic works of art throughout history. This includes some of the most famous archaeological finds from Ancient Greece and Rome – perfect for any classical archaeologist in your life.

  • For the bioarchaeologist who asked for a gift card but you want to make sure it’s delivered in a relatable way – bad osteology joke greeting cards! A Sense of Humerus is an Etsy store that makes cute and hilarious cards that would make any bone specialist laugh…or at least cringe a bit. But the illustrations are lovely!

  • For the too-cool-for-school punk archaeologist who has been working on their own archaeological zine for the past six months – a set of cool, independently made archaeology comics! Prehistories creates gorgeously illustrated and archaeologically-inspired work on their Etsy store –

  • For the ceramics specialist who would probably be more interested in checking your dinnerware for residue after your holiday dinner – beautifully made replicas of archaeological pottery! PottedHistory has been creating some absolutely gorgeous replicas of archaeological pottery that spans from the Neolithic to even the 20th century.

  • And for me, the zooarchaeologist who has been trying to build up her own personal reference collection as ethically as possible – amazingly accurate animal skeleton replicas! Okay, so Bone Clones isn’t an Etsy store, but they’re probably one of the most popular manufacturers of replica animal bones out there!

Happy holidays from Animal Archaeology!

I will be putting this blog on hiatus as I travel back to the US for Christmas and will be back at the start of 2018 with lots of new and exciting features! Stay tuned!

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