What is Old is New Again: A New Series

Ever since I finish my BA degree in anthropology, I’ve been really interested in doing research into Wicca and neo-pagan religions and modern day witchcraft, and how they connect to their past roots. As an archaeologist, I’m especially interested in focusing on the material culture – how do they recreate objects and tools from the past to evoke the same experiences in the present?

In this new series, I’ll be looking at popular modern rituals and beliefs in a variety of neo-Pagan and Wiccan-adjacent religions and witchcraft (more on disentangling the definitions in the first post of the project) and examine how they reflect or recreate elements from the past, using archaeological and anthropological examples as comparison. I also want to look at how these elements are changed over time and how that reflects today’s culture, as well as problematic elements of cultural appropriation that has been the focus of intra-community discourse.

I hope you all will enjoy this series starting in early 2018! It’s truly a labour of love and something I’ve wanted to do as research for ages.

This year’s Winter Solstice (Yule) altar

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