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  • Opening up the Archive: An Approach to Volunteer-led Citizen Science in the Museum and Online – co-author with Geoff Belknap, Heritage Dot Conference (2023)
  • Reimagining Zoos: A Call for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Conservation and Curation – co-author with Hanna Marie Pageau, World Archaeological Congress (2022)
  • Does Zooarchaeology Matter? A Case for Actionable Animal Archaeologies – Zooarchaeology Saves the World (2022)
  • Moving Towards Decolonisation: Proposing a Framework for Action in Universities – Making Diversity Interventions Count (2022)
  • Digging While Depressed and dis/Abled: Mental Health and Accessibility in Archaeological Practice – CIfA2022 Annual Conference (2022)
  • Promoting Progress: Using Social Media to Diversify Archaeology – Digging Archaeology through Social Media (2022)
  • Unearthing the Uncomfortable: Reflections on the Continued Lack of Diversity in British Archaeology – Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society Community Archaeology Conference (2022)
  • Gesturing Beyond Bones: Proposing a Decolonised Zooarchaeology – Approaches to Decolonising Research (2022)
  • There is Power in the Past: The Politicization of Archaeology and Heritage in the Star Wars Universe – co-author with Stephanie Halmhofer, Realizing Resistance Episode II: Uncharted Galaxies (2021)
  • On Liminality: Space, Time, and Identities – Spring into Science: Queer Representation in Research (2021)
  • Beyond Domestication and Subsistence: A Call for a Decolonised Zooarchaeology – Decolonising Science Narratives (2019)
  • #DiggingWhileDepressed: A Call for Mental Health Awareness in Archaeology – Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (2019)
  • Should We Respect Rover’s Remains? A Discussion on Ethics, or the Lack Thereof, in Zooarchaeology – Animal Remains Conference (2019)
  • The WordPress Workshop: Blogging as a Method for Theory Development – PressEd Conference (2019)
  • No Margins, No Word Counts, No Masters! Experimenting with ‘Zines for Archaeological Outreach – Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (2019)
  • Black Flags and Black Trowels: Embracing Anarchy in Interpretation and Practice – Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference (2018)
  • Caves of Wonder: A Preliminary Analysis of the Faunal Assemblages from the Covesea Caves, NE Scotland – British Cave Research Association Symposium (2018)
  • The World Wide Reference Collection: Zooarchaeological Twitter and the Case for an International Zooarchaeology Database – Computer Applications in Archaeology Twitter Conference (2018)
  • Things Worth Telling: Considering the Narrative in Environmental Archaeology – co-author with Valerie San Filippo, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference (2017)
  • Fishing, Diet, and Environment in the Iron Age of the Northern Isles – Iron Age Research Society Student Symposium (2017)

Thesis Papers

  • Ritual and Funerary Rites in Later Prehistoric Scotland: An Analysis of Faunal Assemblages from the Covesea Caves – PhD Thesis (2020)
  • Fishing, Diet, and Environment in the Iron Age of the Northern Isles – MSc Thesis (2016)

Grey Literature/Technical Reports

  • Bridger, K., Fitzpatrick, A., Faqir, U. (2022) Graduate Workforce Bradford – Research and Evaluation Reports: 2019-2022. University of Bradford.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. and Faqir, U. (2022) Graduate Workforce Bradford – Research and Evaluation Report: September 2022. University of Bradford.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. (2021) Faunal Report: Ilorin, Nigeria, West Africa.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. (2021) Faunal Report: Republik Freies Wendland.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. (2020) Faunal Report: Raunds 3014.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. (2020) Faunal Assessment Report: CCP Excavation Season 2018.
  • Fitzpatrick, A. (2019) An overview of the faunal assemblage. In L Büster and I Armit (eds) The Covesea Caves Project Fieldwork 2018. Unpublished Data Structure Report. pgs. 27-29.

Most papers and presentation slides can be accessed via my ResearchGate or Academia profiles. I can also provide PDF copies if requested.

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